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This page contains various links to other Transformers Sites on
the Internet. I will make a commitment to link to sites that are
of reasonably high caliber and thus assure TransFans a quality web

Stanley Lui's Transformers Encyclopedia

The Transformers Archive     Every U.S. and Japanese episode is available for sale here!

Greg Gaub's Transformers Page
The author of that cool spinning logo!

Hot Rod's Homepage
Claims to be "the best Hot Rod site on the net"

Charr - The Decepticon Domain
Temporary home of the Decepticons

Megatron's Screen Capture Site -- (Lots of screen captured images!)

The Ruins of Cybertron
        Find the coolest images, episodes for sale, and "The Transformers Ring" of web sites

Transformers songs, find out where to get your own copy of the movie

The Complete Transformers Listing Page- CTLP

The Mixmaster Archives
Lots of .wav files!

The Tech Spec Database

Find out what happens after the American series
in this guide to the Japanese series

Captioned images from the Japanese series

Transformers Fans Of The World
The Autobot Matrix of Leadership
"Light our darkest hour!"

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